I wrote a version of this song years ago with my wonderful co-writer Jon Alexi. We realized how relevant the song is even more so as we grew older. It resonates with the part of me that will always be a child and a dreamer. Yet as I get older, life and experiences gave me a different perspective on what things mean to me. Things that were so important and urgent when I was young seem trivial and irrelevant. But to my core I believe that I, and all of us have a purpose that whether we are aware or not it drives us and keeps us going. When we don’t listen to that inner guidance, we lose sight of who we are and create a series of drama and pain for ourselves.
With this world being in a state of chaos and pandemic, the only fact of the matter is that we are constantly changing. We can face change with ease and grace or kicking and screaming. My choice is to keep the child alive and dream, keep creative, but make better choices that create a happier ending through patience, compassion, and knowledge.

Thank you Jon for resurrecting this song and working so hard to bring it to life again.

My questions to those taking the time to read this.
What choices are you making every day? Are you ready to Face The Changes in your life?