Caregiver Dedication,

The lyrics of Labor of Love truly came from the heart. I had so many memories of myself and my family taking care of my sister Jeanne throughout her cancer, and my mom through her Alzheimer’s. That when I witnessed a friend of mine Renee taking care of her autistic son it just brought a flood of emotion and the words and melody just flowed out of me.

The music just flowed out of my co-writer Jon  Alexi, and he took the song to another level and really made it his Labor of Love.  Thank you Jon.

At the moment I have the video attached to the song for Renee and her son Anthony, and if you visit the Last Chance Treatment Foundation website and purchase the song, proceeds go to help children with Autism get stem cells which is proving to be an alternative treatment to help remedy many of the symptoms of Autism. If you are feeling more generous you can also donate more money to the cause.
As we go through Covid19 I am creating a new video that is dedicated to all care givers who have sacrificed their time, energy and lives helping others.


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