A lot of people have been asking me questions regarding the lyrics to my Storm song vs video. I started writing that song in the 90’s when Aids and the Anthrax virus was a scare. I was living in the Florida keys when they were in the midst of a hurricane and people were evacuating and the sky was beautifully scary. My co-writer Jon Alexi had this great eerie guitar sound that even back then made the song bone chilling.   We readdressed the song during Covid19 and changed the lyrics a little to bring the song to the current times.

Remembering that history repeats itself. Interestingly enough the planetary orbits the are working together or retrograde are the same as when the Spanish influenza hit in 1918 killing people across the world as well. There are many factors working behind the scenes not just the virus, but politics, money, power and health issues.

The metaphor of Mother Nature in the mix is that we are destroying our planet individually and collectively along with big corporations at record breaking speed. We would like to blame everything on the government and corporations but at some point, we have to take responsibility that all of our consumerism and instant gratification is what is allowing all of this money and power struggle to destroy our human connections. A.I. ,5G and bio-weapons are being implemented right under our nose, because we want, we take, and we don’t replenish. This is the mentality that is the driving force behind all of the politics. If it wasn’t, then we wouldn’t have the separation of wealth and the division of race as it is today. More people living on the streets, the middle class declining and now with this Covid19, we are all living in fear for our lives and turning against one another.

Mother Nature is the true constant. No matter what we do, the universe will find it’s own way to balance the planet. I know we should be upset that people are dying, but if we have any faith at all we know that when it is our time to leave this world it’s our destiny.

What we should be more afraid of is the Storm of big brother taking over our lives, keeping us in fear, and distancing ourselves from our loved ones and friends. Love gives us strength. Faith gives us hope. United we are resilient to what comes our way. Divided we all become a fraction of our true potential.

I choose faith, love and hope.